How to apply for a job via email

I write to request that you feature on how to apply for a job via email. I believe we take it for granted and think everyone knows how to but that might be a reason why we are never short listed for interviews.

Please assist with information about how to write a cover later for an email. Do you write it as a normal letter or an email without the address and the like.

As I say many times on this site, there is no absolute right or wrong way to do anything unless you have been asked to adhere to some specific instructions given to you. In that case always comply with what is requested by the company you are working with or applying to, rather than my advice, which can only ever be general.

If you fail to follow instructions that have been given by a company advertising a vacancy , you will certainly not be shortlisted for interview.

In the absence of any other instructions I would write the cover letter with the address, as you would a formal letter. This is because it may be printed off and used as a document in its own right, in which case, it is helpful if it is complete in itself, in case it gets separated from your CV in some way.

Here is the link to the lesson on writing a cover letter

Cover Letter For CV

There is a Downloadable Sample Cover Letter for you on that page too.

The next choice you must make is whether to copy and paste your cover letter into the body of the email, or attach it, as well as attaching your CV.

I would always opt to attach them both, in case there are any formatting issues that will distort the layout of your letter if you copy and paste it in to the email.

So, then you have to write something simple in the body of your email.

I would suggest using the vacancy reference as the subject line for the email and then saying something as simple as; –

“Please see attached my CV and cover letter in application for the position of XYZ , reference no 12345”

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