Questions in an interview panel

Kindly assist in answering this questions in an interview panel…

1.Introduce yourself

2.Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job?

This is a great question.

It is exactly the kind of answer you should have thought about before an interview, as it is very common, and gives you the platform you need to pitch for the position. If the question is not asked in this format, there will probably be somewhere you can work your prepared answer in.

I have already covered interview preparation extensively on this site, with ten separate posts on the topic. I recommend you follow this link and reread them all.

Prepare For An Interview Lessons

To get back to your specific questions, these are great questions for you. It’s your chance to ensure the interviewer understands that you are the right person for the job. Remember they are looking for someone who can perform a specific function for them. They have a need, they want to find someone who is a perfect match.

So, as an introduction, briefly say who you are and what you do, being sure to mention professional and relevant issues only.

“Hi, I’m Pauline, I have worked in retail and TV shopping , and owned and managed a training company . Now I am writing content for websites that offer information, advice and guidance on career management and management skills.”

When you are preparing the response to your second question, “Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job “in advance of the interview, look at what the job vacancy asks for.

Imagine you are applying for a job writing copy for a catalogue, working from home, on a part time basis only, and the advertisement states-

Preferred experience; –

Sales experience

B2B marketing

Copy writing experience.

Ability to work remotely and meet deadlines

Spend some time working out a script that demonstrates you meet all those requirements.

“I know that I can met the requirements you specified for this role , because of my background . I have experience of writing copy designed to sell products for both catalogue and TV shopping, so I am confident I will be able to do that for you very effectively.

I managed the marketing campaigns for my company, selling our training services to companies for their staff, so I do have extensive B2B marketing experience. I really enjoyed that aspect of the role.

I currently work from home, on a part time basis, and arrange my own schedule, so I can easily fit my writing around your requirements. I am used to working to tight deadlines, so that will not present a problem “.

You might go on to say;-

“I think I would fit well into your team, I am very interested in the products you sell and love the fact that you encourage staff to learn new skills “.

So relish this question, it is a gift, a chance to show you are the perfect fit, and that you have taken care to research what this particular role needs , and are confident you can carry it out competently and effectively .

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