‘I never knew Ikechukwu despised me over Sarah Ofili’ – Terry tha Rapman

Sarah Ofili, Ikechukwu and Terry tha Rapman

The feud between Terry tha Rapman and Ikechukwu still seem to be far from over.

If you recall that Terry tha Rapman’s younger sister, Joy Madaki, dragged Ikechukwu on Instagram in January, 2017 for mentioning their family during an interview.

Ikechukwu had talked about how his ex-fiancée, Sarah Ofili left him to go back to Terry tha Rapman even though Terry tha Rapman was still up and coming.

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He admits that he doesn’t know if she and Terry tha Rapman messed around while they were still dating or even before they started dating.

While Terry didn’t shed much light or talk about the issue as much, the rapper had some things to say during a recent chat with TheNETng.

According to Terry; ‘Maybe this guy does not like the fact that I am friends with Sarah after he broke up with her’

He continued; ‘Even before the Sarah Ofili issue, he was talking about me in a very bitter way – you know when you think someone is cool with you [selfies and all that], but you don’t know the person is harbouring something in their heart’.

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