New absurd footage emerges in Rex Ryan, Rob Ryan bar fight (VIDEO)

Neither Ryan nor his brother has been arrested or charged.

New video is out involving the recent Rex Ryan/Rob Ryan bar fight in Nashville , Tenn., and it apparently shows the events that led up to the initial video. 

(Click here to see that previous video. Click here to read about a Colorado man, Matthew Havel, accusing the Ryan brothers of simple assault. Neither has been arrested or charged.) 

As for the new video, released by TMZ, what does it show? (You can watch it down below.) 

Havel was speaking with the Ryan twins at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville when things turned sour. Apparently, Havel said something, and Rex Ryan got upset.

Rex Ryan verbally snapped at Havel. Rob Ryan then shoved Havel. It looks, upon first glance, like Rex then spilled Havel’s drink onto him. But it actually appears as though someone bumped Rex’s arm as he tried to move Havel’s drink off the Ryans’ table, causing it to spill on Havel. 

That’s where the second video ends. (It also shows a well-timed, live rendition of Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.” What an absurd moment.)

The first video shows Rob grabbing Havel by the neck. 

Will these videos be enough to get either Ryan brother formally charged? So far, they have just been named in a police report by Havel. 

Neither Rex Ryan nor Rob Ryan — both former NFL coaches who are out of the league — has commented on the incident. Rex Ryan, who now lives in Nashville, coached the Jets from 2009-14. He coached the Bills from 2015-16. He is now an NFL analyst for ESPN.

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It doesn’t appear as though the scuffle escalated beyond the moments captured in the initial video, as a restaurant employee broke things up. Another, since-deleted video posted on Twitter shows a later part of the incident, as things broke up and the parties dispersed. 

Rob Ryan — who was on Rex’s coaching staff in Buffalo last season — is a longtime NFL defensive coordinator. 

Here’s the latest video, via TMZ: 

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