Better qualified than her managers

I am a highly qualified person at our office. I am a Bachelor degree holder but some of the managers are Certificates and Diploma holders, Even I am qualified above my managers but I work as a cashier. My bosses don’t want me in top positions which I don’t know the reasons behind.

Can you please advise me what to do?

Qualifications are not of much relevance at work unless they are vocational, by which I mean teaching, nursing, law, engineering etc. where the course content and technical knowledge imparted are directly related to the work being done.

If the qualifications held are not directly relevant, employers tend to use them as a filter when they are recruiting, as an indication of a certain level of intelligence and the ability to complete a course successfully.

Otherwise it is attitude that is important, and perhaps aptitude once they are in the workplace. There are a number of skills that are valued by employers, common sense being one of them.

Here’s my take on the top ten. Skills managers are looking for in staff.

What soft skills are employers looking for in a candidate?

You say the bosses don’t want you in the top positions. How do you know that? Have you had the conversation with them?

If you have, then you must ask them to explain their reasoning and counteract their reasons and objections, either by discussion, or by demonstrating you can do more than you are being asked to.

If you haven’t had the conversation with them, then you must ask them the question.

Then if they give you valid reasons you are not being promoted, you can act on them and show that you can do more than they are tasking you with at the moment .

You need to let them know your ambitions, we have discussed this many times on the site. Your line manager should know what your career goals are, and be helping you to achieve them.

Please re- read the section on developing your career.

Developing Your Career Lessons

and the one on career management

Career management model

Otherwise you might want to think about moving on to somewhere you are more valued.

Good luck

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