What was Yankees' Aaron Judge thinking with 2 baserunning blunders on 1 play?

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge made two big mistakes — on the same play

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NEW YORK — Aaron Judge triggered the strangest play of the Yankees‘ postseason so far — and it cost his team.

Judge committed a pair of baserunning blunders that resulted in him making the final out in the fourth inning of a scoreless American League Championship Series Game 4 against the Astros on Tuesday evening.

With two outs, Judge took off from first base when Gary Sanchez swung at a first-pitch curveball from right-hander Lance McCullers.

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The ball popped high into the air. Right fielder Josh Reddick raced under it coming toward the infield. Since Judge raced off on the pitch, he had already rounded second base. For some reason, though, Judge didn’t immediately start running back with the ball in the air and obviously being caught.

So Judge tried running back. Reddick fired to first base. 

Umpires initially called Judge out by a toe. But Yankees manager Joe Girardi asked for a replay review. It was overturned and Judge went back to first base with two outs.

Then things got even weirder.

Once McCullers took the mound, Judge raced back to second base at the behest of Girardi from the dugout.

McCullers’ throw to second base just beat Judge there. The inning was over.

Judge ran back to second — apparently — because he didn’t touch second base again on his way back to first. That allowed the Astros to try to force him out at second base. It worked and it killed a chance for the Yankees at a time when both teams had only mustered a hit each.

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