Cost of Conflict: Living with life-threatening injuries call for support

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He was caught up unknowingly in a confusion at Ahwiaa in the Ashanti region and is now rendered disabled.

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40-year-old Abdallah Salifu says he was subjected to severe beaten by some known residents three years ago, leaving him with life-threatening injuries.

Abdallah’s problems are now compounded because his only supportive wife, Ayisha Mohammed has a stroke.

“I’m married and have seven kids, my wife has a stroke. I heard there was confusion between two groups of people at Ahwiaa that led to the killing of one person.

When I came home from work, I decided to go and buy meat at the market.  Immediately i got there, they pounced on me and hit my head with something. I only found myself at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and for the past 3 years now I have been unable to walk well.”

Abdallah Salifu says he gained consciousness after two days at the hospital spent about a month there too, before he was discharged.

“They were many people who assaulted me. I personally know one of them and even called him to enquire about the happenings of events in the area. I didn’t call him to fight or confront him.

While we were discussing, I realized he was furious; I remarked that I was only enquiring and he was furious? So I was holding a radio set, I turned around and held the radio tightly stuck to my ear. He used a machete to hit my head instantly.”

Abdallah has been indoors since then and life becomes more depressing because he can’t walk as he once did.

Ayisha Mohammed says “When we got there, we couldn’t do anything, we were rather empathizing with him, and we took care of him and supported him with the help of one of my children.

The family does not have money, and there is no support from elsewhere aside from the little we got from my child to take care of him”

Abdallah’s wife, who begged for alms to feed the family now has a stroke.

“I go out to beg so that there will be food on the table for the family, and now I’m also struck with stroke. But we are hopeful for the sake of God. And we are appealing to the populace to support us for the sake of God, we are suffering.” She says.

Abdallah says he did no wrong his attackers and therefore wants them to apologize.

“As for that boy in question, he must come to me and apologize, otherwise, I’ll never forgive him.

God never forgive him in anyway if he refuses to do the necessary because I didn’t offend him.”

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