Gulder Ultimate Search: Iroko and Irin Smile To The Bank As They Win Task Cash

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Gulder Ultimate Search: Iroko and Irin Smile To The Bank As They Win Task Cash

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As a precursor to the final earnings, the Gulder Ultimate Search contestants played the Money in the Bank Task, and it was nothing short of fun.

Gulder Ultimate Search Money in the bank task


The task was complex as each clan selected a runner to find their bags of piggy banks in the surrounding forest. Once each clan had two sacks, they were to construct barricades for opposing clans. Iroko built Amo’s barricade, Irin built Iroko’s barrier, and Amo built Irin’s barricade.

When the barricades were done, the clans had to successfully through their piggy banks through the barriers while ensuring they did not break them. As if things weren’t interesting enough, the winner of the task will not be decided by the unbroken piggy banks but by how much each clan found in the piggy banks. But there was a twist! Not all piggy banks have money in them.

It was a game of luck and also extreme accuracy. A clan would have to ensure they had the least amount of unbroken piggy banks to increase their chances of having the highest amount of cash.

The game set off, and it was a smash galore. Piggy banks were breaking left and right because of the craftily constructed barriers. Every clan did their best to conquer the obstacles built by the other clans for them. Amo took the lead from the start as they secured four unbroken banks for themselves.

Gulder Ultimate Search Iroko win money in the bank task

At the end of the task, Iroko had nine piggy banks; Amo had four, while Irin had just one. As they broke their banks, Amo didn’t have any money in their banks at all! Surprisingly, Irin, who had only one piggy bank, found ₦500. How lucky! Iroko was able to find ₦2500 in all their nine piggy banks.

Whew! The gods were definitely not smiling with Clan Amo. Irin, on the other hand, definitely had luck on their side. 

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