Iniabasi Umoren Evicted as Clan Amo Face Double Loss

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Iniabasi Umoren Evicted as Clan Amo Face Double Loss

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After facing their second loss in a row, Clan Amo lost Iniabasi as their number dwindled to three members.

Clan Amo Loss


Clan Amo failed to perform well during the Rope-A-Dope task as they couldn’t untangle their ropes in time to solve their puzzle. A team member, Osasere, was even disqualified for assisting his teammate in untying a rope tangled around him.

Things were not looking good for Clan Amo, and the place of the talking drum had a sombre air around it. To determine who would go home, Toke Makinwa asked each member of Clan Amo to write down what was missing in the Rope-A-Dope Task.

Osasere was able to identify what was missing – the letter S. On the puzzle board, the clans spelt ‘craftmanship’ instead of ‘craftsmanship’. Ishmael and Jennifer didn’t identify what was missing correctly, but they at least wrote something down. Iniabasi was unable to put down anything, and he was evicted from the show.

Iniabasi eviction

As Clan Amo was down to three members, they had to choose a member from Clan Iroko to join them, and they unanimously agreed on Damola. Damola is now a member of Clan Amo.

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