Another Instagram Love Story! See the #HeartsMeet21 Pre-wedding Shoot

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If you’re still doubting the power of social media when it comes to love, you’re on a long thing! Time and again, social media has proven itself a worthy instrument of love and today, we’ve got the beautiful Ozioma and her sweetheart, Ebuka to corroborate this.

What started as a simple “Hello” from Ebuka to Ozioma on Instagram, has now led to something much more beautiful. Ozioma had posted a beautiful photo of herself on her Instagram story and Ebuka seized the moment to slide in her DMs. Now, it’s a happy ever after song and we’re dancing happily to its tune. Their chemistry has us blushing as we admire their lovely pre-wedding photos. You’ll definitely be joining us as you scroll. 😅


Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story as shared by Ozioma below.

How We Met 
By the Bride-to-be, Ozioma:

In 2018, I attended an end-of-year yacht cruise party organized by my church department and posted personal pictures I took on my Instagram story. I got a reply from Ebuka saying, “Hello”. I responded with “Hi”. Then, he goes “well, just needed to say hi to you.” I went to his page to check him out and realized we have been following each other and we had a mutual friend (Dara).

So I decided to reply, the conversation went from hello – hi to him asking me out on a date. On our first date, we clicked. I felt really comfortable talking to him. You could hardly tell that we just met. Ebuka was so funny and had a good sense of humour. Well, he still has. 😂 We went on several dates and then he asked me to be his girlfriend in 2019. That was the beginning of our “once upon a time.”

In December 2020, He had a surprise private proposal and asked me to be his wife. Lol, obviously I said “YES”. Ebuka has been supportive and intentional about everything concerning me. I’m grateful to God we met and I am excited to be doing life with him.

Source: BellaNaija