Here’s How To Have A Fun Christmas Weekend With ₦2000

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The streets are currently lit up with Christmas lights, and the firecrackers are lighting up the sky. It’s even more exciting as Christmas falls on Saturday, which makes it a Christmas weekend. 

In the typical Naija style, this December is ‘detty’ with shows back to back and parties in every corner of the cities. With every concert you attend, money leaves your pocket and don’t forget that January has 5 Mondays and Sapa is not joking with anybody.

Take your thoughts away from the concerts for a minute and let me take you through how you can have a lit Christmas weekend with less than N2,000.

Go Window Shopping

Who says you have to buy every item you admire at the store or on the website. You can just give them a good look, day dream and see yourself owning them and move on. Interestingly, you can engage in the window shopping exercise with your friends. Visit a mall or a website and enjoy looking at the beautiful and interesting items on the shelf. 

Have A Dress Up Party

Playing dress up never gets old. How about you channel your inner Vera Wang this Christmas weekend. Take a deep scan through your wardrobe and recreate those styles you’ve been saving on Pinterest or from your favorite influencer page on Instagram. You can create as many looks as you like, take lovely pictures and post them online with interesting captions and hashtags. You don’t have to do this alone, you can get your friends to join in the fun.

Binge-watch Your Favorite Movies On Showmax

Binge-watching your favorite movies and shows is definitely a winner on this list. With a Showmax subscription for as low as N1,200, you are sure to have a lit weekend of premium entertainment. From your favorite shows to new shows you are yet to discover, Showmax has got you covered. You can also get busy binging on all the large collections of Christmas movies on the platform.

Take A Walk On The Beach 

The beach is always ready to have you for as low as you can spend. All you need to do is pay your entrance fee for less than N2000 and take a walk with your bare feet in the sand. This is an opportunity to spend quality time with yourself or even your significant other. But either way, your mind and head will thank you for the breeze and coolness of the beach.

It’s not so hard to have a great Christmas weekend with just N2000. Think of it as a double win. You get to have a great time and you still have enough money to see you through the 3 months of January. Don’t be pressured into having a detty Christmas weekend. Remember, Sapa is waiting in the cold, long month of January.

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