Farmkonnect MD Negotiating With Investors, Not On The Run – Lawyer 

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Firm A and A Attorneys (Rehoboth Chambers) has stated that Mr Azeez Oluwole, the Managing Director of FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria Plc, is not on the run as implied by a Police gazette bulletin showing issuance of arrest and bench warrant.


According to the law firm, FarmKonnect is an Agrictech company that is still viable but went into some business crises which unlike other businesses that have gone south and down the drain, efforts were being made to revive and stabilise it


In a statement signed on Saturday by the Chamber’s Principal Partner, Mr Ajibola Lawal Esq, he stated that his firm has begun negotiating with the investors and that the issue of absconding does not exist.


He added that his firm had since been interfacing with investors since their engagement on March 1, 2022 and there had been positive resolutions and great progress.


The statement reads in parts: “My client is not on the run as widely reported. The implements and properties of FarmKonnect are still here for all investors to see. Our joy as a nation is not to see businesses fail or hound investors or innovators, but to create a channel to recovery, this and all is what we are doing.


“The MD of the company, Mr Azeez Oluwole is also available taking assiduous steps to see to the end of the crisis and never absconded.

My team would never have been engaged if the MD never had the good faith to resolve the crisis.


“We are in the professional service of mediation and debt management and we are also working with other companies to stem the tide, and as such, there was no need for the investors who have come to the table to panic as there is light at the end of the tunnel.


“So far over 60% of the investors have agreed to the repayment agreement which was issued out by the firm.”


On the particular publication by the police, the Lawyer noted that he was never aware of any invite to his client or himself as solicitors and communications team to the company by the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID).


He added that upon reading the publication, he has since reached the Investigating police officer of the case and a meeting has been arranged with the Assistant Inspector General of Police, federal Force Division to resolve the petition.


The law firm “encourages all the investors to take the way of mediation and dispute debt management as it is the clearest foreseeable way out of the crisis. He also appreciates the investors for their time spent and noted that it will not be in vain.”

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