Amazon’s capable Halo fitness tracker is 25 percent off

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If you’re feeling swept up in New Year’s resolutions for getting fit and want a device that’s going to hold you accountable to meet your goals, Amazon’s Halo tracker is $25 off its usual $100 price. All sizes and colors are the same price. The Halo was actually about $10 cheaper when it first launched, but this is the next-best deal. In case you don’t know much about this product, it’s a tracker that can monitor more granular metrics than most fitness devices, like the tone of your voice and a general approximation of how much overall body fat you have.

To get all of the features Halo offers, you’ll need a subscription. You’ll get six months for free with purchase. After that, it’s $3.99 per month if you want to continue. If not, then…

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