Bose’s latest sport earbuds won’t block out the outside world

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By sitting above rather than inside the ear, the earbuds let you hear what’s going on in your environment. | Image: Bose

Bose’s latest true wireless earbuds, the Sport Open Earbuds, are designed to keep you aware of your surroundings while you listen. While most other earbuds sit inside the ear canal, blocking out at least some ambient noise, the Sport Open Earbuds instead sit outside it. Bose has officially announced the earbuds a little over a month after their existence was leaked via a Federal Communications Commission filing.

A design that lets in ambient noise might sound unintuitive, given how headphone manufacturers (including Bose) spend so much money trying to do the exact opposite with noise-canceling tech. But there are plenty of instances where being aware of your surroundings is a very good thing, like when you’re cycling through traffic or…

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