Garmin says the Lily is ‘the smartwatch women have been waiting for’

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Garmin’s Lily smartwatch on an actual person

Garmin has released a new smartwatch called the Lily, and its main selling point is that it’s designed by women, for women. The Sport Edition, which is made of aluminum and has a silicone band, costs $199, while the stainless steel Classic Edition is $250 and comes with a leather band.

Garmin claims it’s “the smartwatch women have been waiting for,” which seems based on its size and design, which is very fashion-forward. However, as reviewer Lily Katz from Android Authority points out in her review of the Lily, the watch may have given up a few important features to achieve those looks.

Image: Garmin

To its credit, the Lily looks very much like a regular watch.

One of the Lily’s main selling points is that…

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