Ghana to witness major transformation in NPP’s second term – Bawumia

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Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is confident of a major transformation of the country in the second term of the NPP government. 

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He says the NPP government has laid a solid foundation in its first term to accelerate development.

“There is no doubt in my mind that some significant foundation has already been laid for accelerated development and we are confident that He who has begun the good work will help us to bring it to a perfect completion”, Dr. Bawumia said at the Power Chapel International where he welcomed the New Year.

According to the Vice President, Ghana is on a path to becoming a powerhouse in Africa.

“We all have a responsibility to ensure that the country Ghana is made a haven for the collective settlement and not just for a selected few. I am excited about the future of Ghana. We are going to be one of the powerhouses in Africa by the grace of God”, he said.  

Dr. Bawumia also added that although the Covid-19 pandemic made 2020 a difficult year, he is optimistic the New Year will be better.

Earlier at the St. Cyprians Anglican Church, Dr. Bawumia called on Ghanaians to continue praying for peace after the general elections in 2020. 

The Vice President and his entourage including the Second Lady, Samira Bawumia, and other MPs-elect in the Ashanti Region were also at the Bantama Assemblies of God.

Head Pastor, Rev. Patrick Agyemang Gyebi

Christians across the Ashanti Region ushered in the New Year with praises and dancing in churches.

 At Redemption Assemblies of God, Head Pastor, Rev. Patrick Agyemang Gyebi emphasised that individuals hold the key to their success in the New Year.

 “No matter what happens, God is with us. As long as we trust and rely on God, He will help us to succeed”, he said. 

Head Pastor, Ernest Anyane. Asare

At the Adoato Church of God, the message of the Head Pastor, Ernest Anyane Asare focused on taking advantage of the New Year to correct wrongdoings.

“I want to encourage the Christian community to rise up and fight to stop all political wrongdoings. We must stop wrongdoings. We must take it up and address it because most of those destroying the country are our own church members”, he emphasized. 

Residence Pastor at CCC, REV JOSHUA OBENG

Meanwhile, the Residence Pastor at Calvary Charismatic Center, Rev Joshua Obeng, says 2021 must unite the people in the country.

 “Let not our disagreement bring us to a point where we destroy the whole nation. Let us stay put”, he added.

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