If your Pixel 5’s system sounds are annoyingly loud, a new update may fix that problem

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The bottom speaker sounds much better than the panel audio speaker
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

As part of its January Pixel updates, Google might have fixed an issue that meant Pixel 5 system sounds could be a lot louder than you might have wanted.

Since the Pixel 5’s launch in October, numerous users on Reddit and on Google’s own support forums have reported that Pixel 5 system sounds (like the camera shutter or the sound you hear when you take a screenshot) could be quite loud, even when the phone’s volume was set to a lower level.

In the release notes for the January Pixel updates, however, Google says that the Pixel 5-specific update includes “further tuning & improvements for volume level of system sounds.” A few users on Reddit have reported that the system sounds are much quieter after installing the update, though some…

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