Lenovo’s new Yoga all-in-one has a rotating display for better TikTok videos and Twitter scrolling

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The Yoga AIO 7 in its rotated configuration | Image: Lenovo

Lenovo has a new Yoga computer out, but it’s not a laptop — it’s the new Yoga AIO 7 desktop. But while it may look like a standard all-in-one desktop, like its more portable cousins, the Yoga AIO 7 does have a display trick up its sleeve: the entire screen can rotate around, transforming the 27-inch landscape monitor into a vertical form factor.

Of course, the ability to rotate a display isn’t a wholly new idea. Standalone desktop monitors have offered the feature for years, making it easier for users to display content that’s better suited to a taller panel like Twitter feeds, long documents, or TikTok videos. But it’s far rarer to see the concept on an all-in-one computer.

Image: Lenovo

The Yoga AIO 7 in its…

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