New trailers: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Ginny & Georgia, Young Rock and more

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Dwayne Johnson in Young Rock | NBC

I think I’m in Ted Lasso withdrawal, you guys; no other shows are quite working for me since I finished it. I just started season 2 of Servant, though, thinking maybe I needed a genre-switch. Servant is still creepy, and Lauren Ambrose’s Dorothy is still both totally unlikeable and totally sympathetic at the same time, which is a marvelous bit of character development. We’ll see how things go, but chances are I’m just going to re-binge Ted again.

This week’s trailers are a nice mixed bag of comedy, teen romance, and spy thriller. Also The Rock!

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

So the trailer gets the obvious out of the way early on— it’s about is a teenager stuck in a repeating time loop a la “Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow,” as lead…

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