Android 12’s dessert name might be Snow Cone, but we thought of 17 better ones

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Illustration by William Joel / The Verge

We’re eagerly awaiting to hear official news about Android 12, Google’s next major update to its mobile operating system, and we might have gotten an early look at some big UI changes just last week, thanks to XDA Developers. But now, thanks again to XDA Developers, we might know something even more important: Android 12’s dessert name.

For years, Android releases were also identified with dessert names, and each year’s dessert started with the next sequential letter in the alphabet. Google deserted the dessert names in favor of numerals with Android 10, but the company reportedly still uses dessert names internally. Android 11’s dessert name was apparently Red Velvet Cake, for example. Android 12’s name? XDA Developers says that it’s…

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