Lego made a white noise playlist, and it takes me back to being a kid

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Image: Lego

Lego made a white noise playlist featuring Lego bricks, and it’s surprisingly relaxing. I don’t get many opportunities to build Lego sets anymore, but I’ve been listening to the playlist while writing this story, and it’s taking me back to the hours I spent as a kid building elaborately designed spaceships with an ever-increasing number of wings and laser guns.

The playlist has seven different tracks, each about 30 minutes long. Some sound like you’re sitting next to somebody shuffling through a pile of bricks while working on a build. I’m a big fan of “Searching for the One (Brick)” because it captures the feeling of digging through a pile of bricks and finally finding that one piece you were looking for.

Other tracks use Lego bricks…

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