A Look Back at the ‘Made by Design’ Netflix Documentary Watch Party

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It’s been a long time since we got together (physically) for a watch party, so when Design Week Lagos announced a watch party for the Netflix ‘Made by Design’ documentary, we were sure it would add some glitz to the 2021 edition.

Made by Design


Founded in 2019 by interior designer Titi Ogufere, DWL was launched to share and celebrate contemporary African design with visitors from different parts of the world. With the theme “Design Revolution”, the 2021 edition had on its list of sponsors telecom giant MTN Nigeria.

‘Made by Design’ is an original documentary series highlighting architects, interior and product designers in Africa. The series was created by Titi Ogufere, CEO of Essential Media Group (EMG).

You may have seen it already, but that’s OK. So have we, but there’s something unique about ‘Made by Design’. Part of this is just familiarity — nice to see the beauty of African architecture and interior design — and part of it is the genius of Africa’s product design landscape which the documentary offered us a glimpse into.

The documentary features interviews and peeks at the outstanding projects of some of the best architects and designers in Africa. It took viewers through a journey of discovering the faces behind product design, interiors and architecture of notable buildings done by Africans today while exploring their creative process and examining the uniqueness of their work.

‘Made by Design’ showcases the distinctive philosophies of designers whose art creates inspiration for other designers, help the world through sustainability methods and creates much-needed job opportunities in unique and revolutionary ways.

If you missed the watch party, you can catch the Made by Design season one worldwide premiere on Netflix on December 26!

Source: TheNet