Become Santa: MTN goes digital for season of surprises for customers

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The Y’ello Season of Surprises is one of MTN’s campaigns that customers look forward to yearly, for obvious reasons. It’s a time of exciting giveaways, pop-up events, material and cash gifts. The company embodies the character of Santa and rides on its sleigh (planes, cars and buses, actually) and spreads good cheer across the country, leaving a trail of happy Nigerians on its way.


This year, however, MTN has decided to put two spins on its Season of Surprises. First, this year’s edition is completely digital. Unlike previous years where the company goes to different Nigerian cities to surprise their residents, participation is completely digital this year. Secondly, in an unexpected, yet brilliant, turn of events, the company is empowering and enabling its customers to be Santa. Even better, it is at no cost to the customer or recipient of the gifts.

MTN customers can now nominate someone special they would love to send a gift to this Christmas on the new myMTN NG app or by dialing *135# and following the prompt at no charge. The gifting platform on the app opens by 12 noon daily, from 17 to 24 December 2021. 

The persons nominated may receive a range of gifts, including data, Jumia gift cards for customised Christmas hampers and mobile devices.

This is a perfect opportunity for all MTN customers to play Santa without the itchy beard and suit. (No shade to Santa and people who like to dress like him.) All that customers are required to do is to download the myMTN NG app and gift away!

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Source: TheNet