Enjoy A Gulder Ultimate Search Binge-fest This Week On Showmax

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Gulder Ultimate Search is coming to an end, and we know so many fans of the beloved adventure show are unwilling to let go of it just yet, and we are one of them.

Gulder Ultimate Search


After several weeks of gracing our TV screens, several weeks of adventure, exciting challenges, surprise visits and impressive wins, the contenders are finally down to four.  

The show, which premiered on the 16th of October, started with 18 contestants and four clans. The delectable host, Toke Makinwa, and the incredible Taskmaster, Kunle Remi, steered the show back into fan consciousness after its long hiatus.

As the contestants evolved with each challenge, striving against the jungle forces and battling each task to win the ultimate prize, so did the anchors. Toke Makinwa continued to grow and excel so flawlessly in a role many thought she wasn’t cut out for. 

She proved that women could do whatever they put their minds to and belong wherever they set their feet. Gulder Ultimate Search leading ladies, Chidinma and Rachel, further proved this point. However, there was an unbalanced ratio of men to women, with just four women against 14 men.

The ladies played a challenging game, with Chidinma scoring the highest number of viewers votes and a spot on the top four list. Although she couldn’t return to the jungle for health reasons, her run throughout the game proves she was a top contender. 

This weekend, the ultimate warrior and winner of Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 will emerge. But before you panic about having to say goodbye to a show that kept you entertained for nine weeks, we have a solution. 

Showmax presents you with the opportunity to fuel your guilty pleasure this season. So have a field day binge-watching your favourite contenders all week long as you check out all your favourite episodes of Gulder Ultimate Search. Without the restlessness and waiting every week for new episodes, you’ll get all the Gulder Ultimate Search Marathon you need in one place. 

You can relive every challenge again, every task, every win. Watch your favourite contestant slug it out with the others for a chance at fame and fortune, and watch the final episode at your own pace on Showmax


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Your Christmas is looking colourful already!


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