From Wrath of Man to Promising Young Woman: 12 Best International Movies To Stream This December And January

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It’s the holiday season, and that usually means everyone wants to forget their worries, relax a little bit and enjoy the company of loved ones.

international movies


One of the best ways to do this is by watching movies together and escaping your reality into a fictional world. But sometimes, finding the perfect film to set the mood can be a hassle. That’s why this lineup of international movies is perhaps one of the best gifts Showmax can give you. You’ll experience everything from tears to laughter, and you’ll enjoy every minute!

Here are some of the movies lined up:

PALM SPRINGS | Stream now, first on Showmax

Romantic comedies are known to leave those cheesy smiles on faces. There’s an opportunity to get the cheeky blush with the indie romantic comedy, Palm Springs which follows two strangers who meet at a wedding in Palm Springs, only to get stuck in a loop of time

This award-winning RomCom with an infusion of sci-fi is sure to keep you glued and keep you cheesing  

THE MARKSMAN | Stream now, first on Showmax 

Oscar nominee Liam Neeson stars in The Marksman as a rancher (and former US Marine) living on the Arizona border who becomes the unlikely defender of a young Mexican boy fleeing cartel assassins.

CHARM CITY KINGS | Stream now, first on Showmax 

Torn between the straight path and gang life, 14-year-old Mouse is desperate to join the Midnight Clique, an infamous group of dirt-bike riders who rule the streets of West Baltimore. Mouse must steer his way through two father figures, a first girlfriend, and the illegal but irresistible thrill of stunt-riding.

Executively produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, this movie gives a grand entrance to a fresh set of talent. 

UNHINGED | Stream now

A case of road rage gone wrong!

The American action thriller film features Rachel, a single mother who beeps her horn at a fellow driver, leading to an exchange of words. It, however, did not end there as she realises the mysterious man is following her and her young child and has an entire sinister plan for revenge 

Unhinged was the 35th biggest box office hit of 2020, with Vanity Fair calling it “a dark and gnarly thriller” and “bracing entertainment.”

ALONE | Stream now, first on Showmax

Alone stars Jules Willcox as a recently widowed traveller pursued by a ruthless killer. This gripping survival thriller gets heightened and will have you holding a breath at the suspense. 


This comedy-drama re-imagines Charles Dickens’ classic ode to grit and perseverance through its award-winning filmmakers, Armando Iannucci and Simon Blackwell. The film follows an iconic writer on his quirky journey from an impoverished orphan to a burgeoning writer in Victorian England.

With a 92% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is a must-watch.

WRATH OF MAN | Stream from 20 December 2021

The action thriller features Jason Statham, who stars as H, a new security guard for a cash truck company. He faces mistrust from his crew after unleashing precision skills during a heist, leaving them questioning his identity and his motives.

It is the 35th biggest film of 2021 so far, and it is sure to keep you glued to your screen trying to get answers to significant events in the movie. 

BABY DONE | Stream from 30 December

The charming New Zealand indie comedy-drama Baby Done follows free-spirited couple Zoe and Tim, who unexpectedly find themselves expecting. But as Tim races towards fatherhood, Zoe attempts to rush through her dreams. 

MISS JUNETEENTH | Stream from 3 January 2022

Imagine a former beauty queen trying to sign a not so enthusiastic teen for a beauty pageant. That’s the story of a former beauty queen and single mom who signs up and prepares her rebellious daughter for the “Miss Juneteenth” pageant. One can only imagine all the drama about to unfold in this movie.

WONDER WOMAN 1984 | Stream from 3 January 2022

What’s better than one Wonder Woman movie? Two Wonder Woman movies! The American Superhero film is a sequel of the 2017 Wonder Woman and the 9th film in the DC Extended Universe. Wonder Woman 1984 fast forwards to the 1890s as the DC superhero faces two all-new foes. 

THE UNITED STATES VS. BILLIE HOLIDAY | Stream from 6 January 2022

The autobiographic film features Andra Day as legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday, who the Federal Department of Narcotics targeted with an undercover sting operation led by Federal Agent Jimmy Fletcher, with whom she had a tumultuous affair. 

PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN | Stream from 20 January 2022

This black comedy phycological thriller follows the life of Cassie, who everyone regarded as a promising young woman… until a mysterious event abruptly derailed her future. But nothing in Cassie’s life is what it appears to be: she’s wickedly intelligent, tantalisingly cunning, and she’s living a secret double life by night. Now, an unexpected encounter is about to give Cassie a chance to right the wrongs of the past in this thrilling and wildly entertaining story. 

Source: TheNet