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How is AI revolutionizing the telecommunications industry?

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AI is revolutionizing every industry including telecommunications


Telecommunications is one of the fastest-growing industries that utilization AI in numerous parts of their business, including further developing client experience and organization unwavering quality. Telecom organizations use AI principally for client support applications. For example, the utilization of chatbots and menial helpers to address countless help demands for establishment, upkeep, and investigating. Likewise, remote helpers scale and mechanize reactions to help claims, which further develops client experience and cuts costs of doing business. For example, Vodafone Ltd. experienced around 68% improvement in client experience after presenting its chatbot, called TOBi, for dealing with client questions. Here are the top 10 AI innovations that are shaping the telecommunication industry:

Top 10 AI Innovations in Telecommunications Industry

Biometric Software:

Biometric technology is a key component of Mobile-ID. When humans are constantly connected to the Internet, a biological identification trait is the best way to ensure that a user’s digital identity is not abused or stolen. Thanks to biometric software, which can turn cameras and microphones into biometric sensors, any smartphone or tablet can be used as a multi-factor authentication device. With fingerprint sensors and facial recognition now almost standard features of contemporary smartphones, mobile identity is increasingly backed by strong authentication factors.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

Robotic Process Automation is a technology that configures computer software to capture data and manipulate applications in the way it is done by humans. With RPA telecommunication providers can automate back-end activities such as data entry, reconciliation, or validation, streamline customer support as well as perform cross-sell and up-sell utilizing AI-powered assisted calls. RPA applications allow CSPs to reduce costs, enhance accuracy, improve efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.

Intelligent Virtual Agents:

Intelligent Virtual Agents based on AI technologies gain traction in the telecommunication sector, resulting in improved customer experience and satisfaction. Telecom providers have turned to virtual assistance to optimize the processing of the huge number of support requests for troubleshooting, billing inquiries, maintenance, device settings, etc. AI-powered assistants handle all service-type questions and process transactions efficiently and at high speed.

Speech Recognition:

Speech Recognition is used to convert and transform human speech into a useful and comprehensive format for computer applications to process. The transcription and transformation of human language into useful formats is witnessed often nowadays and is growing rapidly. Companies like NICE, Nuance Communications, OpenText, and Verint Systems offer speech recognition services. […]

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