From a 3-Year Virtual Friendship to Forever! See Josephine & Gordon’s Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

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If we get a penny for how many times we say that love has no manual, we would most likely be building mansions in space! But then again, it is what it is – love indeed has no manual and can happen anytime and in any way. Today, we’re giving big cheers to Josephine and Gordon whose love started with a virtual friendship.

Josephine and Gordon’s mutual friend had introduced them to each other over the phone and they never met physically, yet they became really good friends. This friendship lasted for 3 beautiful years and now they’ve got so many more years ahead of them, not just as friends but as a couple! How did it all come to be? Well, Josephine tells it all. Keep scrolling to read it as you relish their sweet pre-wedding photos.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below.


Their love story according to Josephine:

Gordon and I had been virtual friends for over 3 years. 😅 We knew each other through a mutual friend during NYSC but never got the chance to see him physically. For me, he was just a good casual friend whom I could even talk to about other guys I dated over these 3 years, lol.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to keep in touch with him even though we had not seen each other… We would talk once or twice in 2 months and it’d be like we never stopped talking. We got to build a really solid friendship over the years which was really cool.

Last year, thanks to the lockdown, we became closer, more intentional too. We’d talk and plan about our future, read books, watch videos centred on building a good Christian relationship, all that stuff.

The first time we saw was in July last year, and he made a point to meet with my mum and friend at the time, which was sweet. Fast forward to July 2021, this guy proposed on my birthday in the presence of my family and friends. I said YES of course, and now we’re here, counting down to forever!

How We Met
By the Groom, Gordon:

I met Josephine through a very good friend during NYSC. Funny story – my friend was actually on her case and I was trying to help him win her heart at the time. But that didn’t work out (fortunately 🌚).

Though our relationship was purely platonic for a long while, I developed a liking for Josephine because she was really interesting and easy to talk to.

Honestly, it was annoying all those times she’d gist me about her dating spree. 😅 I was really happy when I found out last year she was free and available. As a sharp guy who knew what he wanted, I made my intentions known to her, she was receptive and the rest is history.

I am blessed to have Josephine as my wife and I do not regret my decision whatsoever. I pray God gives us the grace to continue loving each other forever. Amen.

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