Fuji Vibrations Grand Finale Redefines Fuji Music To A New Generation

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Fuji: A Opera held its third and final edition of Fuji Vibrations at the Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island on the 19th of December 2021, to a cross-section of distinguished guests.

Fuji music


Fuji Vibrations featured different generations of Fuji artistes, each belting their unique Fuji styles to the delight of the teeming audience, significantly technocrats, industry captains, media moguls, socialites, trill seekers, and Fuji music aficionados.

The host of the night, The Jide Taiwo, gave a quick recap of the activities and footprints of Fuji: A Opera during the year before he brought on stage General Ayinla Kollington.

Fuji music

His performance was a feast of sonic nostalgia. The 68-year-old, who has been relevant in the Fuji music space for over 40 years, had the audience ad-libbing to his songs, reciting his lyrics word for word while enjoying his effortless showmanship.

Hunter Fuji, a promising Fuji act from Ijebu-Ode, held court just after the veteran had performed for about an hour.

Fuji music

Hunter’s performance was introductory and enlightening, energetic and precise. He paid obeisance to the veteran, gave a clinical performance filled with political quips, moral education and self-prophecies for his budding career in Fuji music. He had an unplugged session with General Kollington, going back to back as they matched each other with wits and heartfelt prayers.

SK Sensation, president of the Fuji Musician Association of Nigeria (FUMAN), made a clean segue into his performance, praying blessings on Hunter Fuji and accorded due respect to General Ayinla Kollington.

Fuji music

His hour-long set was mature and self-assured. He performed like a veteran, connecting with the audience, triggering impulses to spend and spray cash on him. His understanding of the social dynamics of a room quickly endeared him to the audience as he was quick to preach the tenets of FUMAN to a now captivated audience. He ended his performance, charging the audience to support FUMAN’s ongoing campaign ‘SAY NO TO RAPE’.

Fuji Vibrations entertain the blend of Fuji music styles and serve as a platform to see the possibilities of other music genres infusion with the Fuji music genre.

DJ Maze & Xtreme held a 30 minutes DJ set that fused Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with Fuji music. A happy remix of known Fuji songs got the room jumping as they performed. Guests stood up and took to their phones to capture the fluid transitions.

Fuji music

Kolade Onanuga, also known as KWAM 2, gave an easy performance with a certain grandeur and refinement. His all-white set was loud yet calm, and his control of his band with little gestures and inflexions gave his set a very professional appeal.

Then came KS1 Malaika with agile legs, a dancing waist and a well-oiled Fuji voice. He cut through with his music and stage presence, deep to the subconscious. He brought a certain ethereal presence to his style of Fuji music.

Malaika was infectious and easily lovable. As an astute music performer, he gave a masterclass of stagecraft with his set. Victoria Island vibrated.

Saheed Osupa, the night’s finale performer, calmed the room with his presence. He often punctuated his performance to emphasize his astute lyrics, turning towards worship and self-praise and oscillating between both throughout his performance.

Osupa is a lyricist, a philosopher and a beautiful performer. He danced with his band members, calling some of his crew to take to the stage to entertain. Indeed, he was the moon that sailed the night.

There was a mural wall with life-sized drums, which audience members painted, a snooker pool table and a foosball table to engage the audience. There was also a photo booth to capture and imagine yourself as a Fuji artiste or Fuji aficionado.

First Bank was the official sponsor of the VIP lounges. The space catered to a cross-section of distinguished individuals from all walks of life. A representative from Orijin gave an impressive remark, reinforcing the commitment of the brand to celebrating the Fuji sub-culture beyond the calendar of Fuji: A Opera.

The executive producers Tosin Ashafa and Papa Omotayo gave a heartwarming thank you to everyone who participated in making the year’s attempt to imagine fuji music as an original Nigerian music genre that must be celebrated.

This year, Fuji Vibrations reverberated a curated presence of the Fuji music sub-culture in Lagos. It introduced the Fuji music genre to a new demographic and a new social mix.

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