How MTN Is Empowering Young Nigerians With Musical Skills As Over 350 Benefit From Scholarship

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Music is a part of every known society, past and present, and it is common to all human cultures around the world. Music plays a very important and vital role in the lives of people, we can work, shop while listening to music. Music is also known to be the universal language of humanity.


It has the power to bring positivity and entertainment to the lives of people. Everyone loves music because it holds the power to transform the mood and bring a sense of relief in their daily life.

MTN Nigeria, through its foundation, continues to impart the life of Young Nigerians through its partnership with the Musical Society of Nigeria(MUSON).

Since 2006, the MTN Foundation, in partnership with MUSON, has fully funded and developed over 350 music scholars, providing scholarship awards for a two-year diploma. The awards cover tuition, transportation, resource materials, among others, after which students are awarded an internationally recognised Diploma in Music on graduation.

As a way of appreciating MTN Foundation and other benefactors, the MUSON School of Music organized a donors concert to thank the donors for their support throughout the year.

Students of MUSON school of music dazzled guests with amazing musical performances in different languages like Italian, Zulu, Yoruba and Igbo.

The highlight of the concert was the orchestra rendition of the popular lion king song ‘He Lives in Me’ and Ebenezer Obey’s ‘Aimasiko’ which got the entire audience on their feet dancing.

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