Nightclub owners accuse WA government of double standards

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Perth nightclub owners are accusing the McGowan government of double standards after a vaccination backflip at last night's AFLW Derby.

Health advice was changed at the last minute for almost 6000 fans, with struggling businesses demanding consistent rules.

Thousands rolled in for a Round 1 derby with vaccine passports at the ready.

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Jessica Low of the Dockers in action during the round one AFLW match between the Fremantle Dockers and the West Coast Eagles at Fremantle Oval.


But they weren't needed, leaving many surprised, and infuriating those doing the right thing.

Three days ago, the Dockers website was reminding fans over the age of 16 to provide proof of their double dose vaccination.

But just before the gates opened, the Chief Health Officer excluded the game from the order.

That's because it was a seated, family friendly outdoor event, with lower alcohol consumption and limited mixing of groups.

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Nightclub owner Chris Patton from the Butterfly Club called the move "double standards".

He says the decision to remove proof of vaccination for 5,500 fans is unfair, when his industry has been impacted by its introduction.

"Northbridge has just been a ghost town, the people coming out are just confused, the legislation is just not clear enough that you need to be double vaxxed," he said.

Nightclub owner Chris Patton from the Butterfly Club called it "double standards".

"We're turning away one out of four or three people cause they're single vaxxed and you turn them away, their whole friend group leaves."

Infectious diseases expert Clay Golledge said the changing rules could see people "lose faith in the health advice".

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"Do we have one set of rules for an outdoor event like the Perth Cup and then a different set of rules for an outdoor event like AFLW?" he said.

"There's cases still around in the background so things haven't changed drastically, you either do it properly or you don't."

A state government spokesperson told 9News "the Perth Cup is a different event to an AFLW match and took place a week ago under different restrictions and when the Delta backpacker outbreak was at a concerning stage."

There was one new case linked to the Perth cluster today, a close contact who has been isolating.

Further Omicron transmission in WA has been avoided for now, with 27 close contacts of the Hyatt Hotel case all testing negative.

Source: 9News