NSW residents brace for COVID-19 case numbers after testing drop

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New South Wales residents are keeping a cautious eye on COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations today, after admissions exceeded more than 1000 yesterday.

However according to reports a significant proportion of those COVID-19 patients are being treated for other maladies.

Yesterday 18,278 infections were recorded; a decline from the 22,577 seen on January 1.

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Ambulances near the entrance to the John Hunter Hospital. New Lambton Heights, NSW. 10th September, 2021. Photo: Kate Geraghty


The drop in cases are likely linked to lower PCR testing levels. A total of 119,278 tests were conducted the day prior.

Two more people died with the virus in the state.

Hospitalisations are also trending upwards with 1066 people admitted, 83 of those in intensive care and 24 being ventilated.

Health experts have predicted the state could record 100,000 daily COVID-19 cases within weeks.

Source: 9News