South Africa’s Zulu royal succession battle due in court

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A court case involving members of the Zulu royal family is set to begin on Tuesday in an ongoing succession battle for the throne.

The royal feud followed the death in March last year of King Goodwill Zwelithini from diabetes-related complications at the age of 72.

The late king had picked his third wife Queen Dlamini-Zulu as his successor because she was the only wife with royal blood – but her death soon after triggered a power struggle over the succession.

She had designated Prince Misuzulu, her son and the eldest son of the king – as successor to the throne.

Prince Misuzulu ascension to the throne has been contested by the late king’s daughters, who are challenging the authenticity of his will and allege that his signature was forged.

The late king first wife, Queen Sibongile Dlamini- Zulu is also seeking to inherit half of the late king’s estate on grounds that she was the only wife who was legally married to the king.

Prince Misuzulu is yet to be officially coronated since he was chosen as the successor amid the court battle.

The high court in Pietermaritzburg will be hearing the matters concerning the late king’s will as well as a bid to stop an alleged secret coronation.

Source: myJoy