Alan Carr Reveals Surprise Relation To Fellow Comedian Jonathan Ross

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Jonathan Ross and Alan Carr pictured together in 2011


Alan Carr has revealed he is distantly related to fellow comic Jonathan Ross

The RuPaul’s Drag Race UK judge told of how he was once told of a family link to the Masked Singer panellist by Jonathan’s mother, late EastEnders star Martha Ross. 

Speaking on the latest episode of his Life’s A Beach podcast where Jonathan appeared as a guest, Alan explained how they both have links to Margate in Kent. 

Alan said (via The Mirror): “People might not know this, but your lovely late mum came up to me at your Halloween party and said, ‘We are related aren’t we’. Do you remember?

“I was so excited because we come from the same area, we are distantly related. I remember going over to you saying, ‘Jonathan, Jonathan your mum says we’re related’ and you went, ‘For fuck sake’.”

Jonathan said: “I tried to stop her talking to people because she’d always find some famous connection.”

Alan told him it is apparently “quite a strong link”, to which he asked: “Is it really? I don’t know if I want to involved with you.”

 “What! Fuck you,” Alan joked.

Alan has made a number of appearances on Jonathan's ITV chat show

“I saw your episode of Who Do You Think You Are? and you’ve got a deserter in your family. I don’t know if I want to be tarnished by that,” Jonathan said, adding that he “forgets” they are related. 

“But we don’t look alike, do we?” Alan asked.

Jonathan said: “Well, neither of us have got looks, let’s be honest. But you scrub up very well, you just don’t do it often!”

Alan Carr’s Life’s A Beach podcast is available to stream on podcast platforms now. 

Source: Huff Post