David Beckham Playing With A Bunny Is Perhaps The Most Wholesome Thing You'll See Today

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If you’re in need of a pick me up right now, may we point you in the direction of David Beckham’s Instagram.

That’s because he has shared a video of him playing with a bunny, which might just be the most wholesome thing on the internet right now.

After welcoming rabbit Coco into the Beckham brood on Sunday, David was lavishing it with attention on his social media feeds.

Sharing the adorable video, he wrote: “Someone’s getting a lot of attention 🐰 = ❤️ Harper sevens new bunny coco.”


Victoria also posted photos of daughter Harper with Coco on Instagram.

Of course, as cute as this video might be, it isn’t quite our favourite in the David Beckham With Pets series.

That title still belongs to the clip of him with the family puppy Fig – although that might have something to do with David’s lack of shirt

Source: Huff Post