How to topple a prime minister

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LONDON — With questions swirling about Boris Johnson’s future, Jack Blanchard looks into the murky world of leadership challenges and asks what it’s like to topple a prime minister.

Former Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull recalls the internal coup which ended his premiership in 2018 — and explains why he’d deposed his own party leader, Tony Abbott, in 2015. Tory backbench rebel Mark Francois and Theresa May’s Chief of Staff Gavin Barwell recall the plot which ended her premiership in 2019 and changed the course of Brexit. Margaret Thatcher’s Private Secretary Caroline Slocock shares her memories of the plot against Britain’s first female leader in 1990, and the atmosphere in Downing Street as it became clear her reign was over. And journalist and author Steve Richards explores other great leadership challenges of recent years, including Gordon Brown’s war of attrition against Tony Blair and John Major’s epic 1990s battle with the Tory Euroskeptics.

Source: Politico