Nigerian Idol season 7: Drama, music and more drama at second round of audition

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Radio personality Toolz appeared as a guest judge for the second round of the audition to replace Simi, who was not feeling well. She brought her music experience to the show alongside Obi Asika and D’banj.

22-year-old Jordan Bangoji was the first person on the stage to wow the judges. He strung his guitar effortlessly to his music to their administration. Obi Asika described it as an incredible performance. According to D’banj, he could be the next Nigerian Idol. The judges unanimously gave him a yes, and he got a golden ticket. Jordan could not hide his excitement, saying the journey from Kaduna ultimately paid off.

Yehoshua from Plateau state gave his own rendition of Etta James’ I’d rather go blind, which earned praise from Obi Asika, who described his voice as extremely powerful.

Clinton from Port Harcourt thought he had won the judges over but only elicited a shake of the head from D’banj and three nos.

The judges could not believe their ears when 24-year old Christopher from Lagos sang his own version of African Queen, which sounded like a totally different song. He got three nos.

‘Full-time musician’, Nicholas, who said he has been singing since he was 13, walked to the stage with a swagger promising to give his best. The 22-year-old sang Alicia Keys’ We are here accompanying it with his piano. Toolz asked him to sing without the piano because he didn’t seem comfortable doing the two simultaneously, and that’s when ‘everything burst’. D’banj could not control his laughter as he wiped away tears. Nicholas was commended for his energy but got three nos.

Joel from Abia state defied the odds when he appeared for the audition. A stammerer, his love for music made him audition for Nigerian Idol. His father was a singer, too, who passed away in 2017, and Joel is determined to continue in that family passion.

Toolz encouraged him not to hold back and sing with his heart. He also got applauded by the other two judges and gave him three yeses to pick up a golden ticket.

20-year-old Precious, who sings in a live band, sang Alicia Keys’ No One and got a golden ticket but was told to improve as she chose a difficult song. 

Zadok sang Michael Bolton’s When a man loves a woman, and then Gyakie’s Forever earning three yeses and a golden ticket.

25-year old Debby “came out of her shell’, smiling while she sang. Obi Asika commended her energy, urging her to match her performance with her singing before he and other judges gave her three yeses.

Olamide rapped her way through the audition, and despite getting a yes from D’banj, the other two judges felt her singing was below par and gave her nos.

Chukwuka was in season 6 and made it to the top 20. He returned for season 7 and sang Killing me softly. At first, he did not impress the judges as D’banj complained that he did not step up from his performance last year. Asika also agreed, urging him to improve, considering he did well last year.

So far, Nigerian Idol has lived up to its expectations to set the tone for what may be the best season ever.

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Source: TheNet