Patreon suspends NGO account collecting money for Ukrainian military

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Save a Life’s Patreon tiers were named after military equipment. | Screenshot: Patreon

Patreon says it’s suspended the crowdfunding page for “Come Back Alive,” a Ukrainian NGO that was collecting money to support the the country’s military in response to Russian aggression. In a statement given to CNBC, the platform said it “does not allow any campaigns involved in violence or purchasing of military equipment, regardless of their cause.” Come Back Alive’s page said that funds would be used to train soldiers, as well as provide technical equipment, according to Patreon’s blog post.

Come Back Alive’s Patreon page dates back to at least May 2020, according to the Daily Dot, but as of January 26th this year it had a modest 936 patrons bringing in around $19,000 a month. That all changed this week after Russia invaded Ukraine,…

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Source: TheVerge