I’ve completely shaved my hair so I can survive these hard times – Joy FM listener

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An ardent listener of Joy FM, Ama, has completely shaved her hair as part of a surviving strategy, in what she described as “hard times” currently being experienced in the country.

According to her, this is saving her a lot of money.

“I was looking around for something to cut down and I finally settled on something and it was my hair. I cut it down completely,” she said, adding that “this is saving me GH₵400 a month.”

She made this disclosure on the back of Thursday’s edition of the Joy Living Standard Series. In this episode, people mentioned visiting salons and dressmakers as items they have taken out of their budgets as a coping mechanism.

In the past few weeks, citizens have been lamenting over what they say is a high cost of living in the country. The incessant cries were triggered by the recent hikes in fuel prices, which they say has had an effect on the prices of goods and services.  

They also bemoaned the fact that despite the prevailing hardships, income levels still remain unchanged. Today on the Super Morning Show, other listeners shared various strategies they are surviving on.

Emmanuel said, “I haven’t bought any new clothe in the past three years,”

Another caller, Rukaya, also expressed shock as he recounted an encounter she had at the barbering shop regarding the charge for a haircut.

“I took my son to the barber, I had GH₵50, so I gave it to them and they gave me a change of GH₵25. I was very shocked,” she said.

She further indicated that “personally, I’ve resorted to doing my washing [of my hair] myself because if I say I’m going to the salon, it’s another cost because if you don’t how will you live through,” she said.

Source: myJoy