Meet Adaeze Eche-George, the Excellence driven Woman behind ‘Roots to Skin’

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What motivates Adaeze Eche-George? I find my work in the skin and beauty industry therapeutic; I don’t do it for the profit. I love it.Adaeze is the 28-year-old founder of Roots to Skin, a brand she started during the National Youth Corps Service assignment to make some money in her free time.

Her journey started with research on social media and discovering a keen interest in finding natural solutions to healthy skin for Nigerians. The discovery led to the production of soaps, body scrubs and body butter as a business.

Her response to questions about the journey;

“I have a solid support system. They allowed me to begin my career with trial and error and gave so much constructive feedback. I was still working a nine to five, and balancing a well-oiled engine is a lot of work, but I find that seeing people love and support my craft inspires me greatly.”

With a background in public health and education, she finds that a need to inspire and help those around her is what drives her. People depend on me and my products; I cannot disappoint them,” she adds.

While working a nine to five, Adaeze does not recall bias incidents, but memories of young schoolgirls exposed to everyday stereotyping while she worked as a teacher are all too clear for her. One particular biased experience stands out.

“Girls were not allowed to play football, and the only reason being they were girls; I did not like that, so I said if the girls won’t play, no one else would,” she remembers.

So she dedicated extra time while teaching to ensure that the girls could play regardless of what society expected of them. This steeled outlook on life helps through days when running Roots To Skin becomes difficult, especially when products do not meet her standard.

If it is not good enough for me, I cannot sell it, and that’s why Nigeria’s economic challenges pose a huge challenge for women in business. I hate making sacrifices that I would typically avoid, but I keep going because I love my craft.”

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Source: BellaNaija