5 Essential Items to Bring Along to an Anti-Drug Abuse Advocacy Walk

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Drug abuse is a growing public health issue in Nigeria. UNODC World Drug 2021 Report revealed that about 3 million people suffered from a drug use disorder in 2018, and by 2030, the country would grapple with approximately 20 million drug users. This calls for immediate action to mitigate the epidemic.

5 Essential Items to Bring Along to an Anti-Drug Abuse Advocacy Walk


To raise awareness and join the fight against the growing substance abuse issue in the country, you can participate in anti-drug abuse activities like advocacy walks. Organisations such as the mobile telecommunications giant, MTN Nigeria through its Foundation organises an annual advocacy walk as part of its activities during the annual Anti-Substance Abuse Programme (ASAP).

This year, MTN Foundation in partnership with UNODC  and NDLEA will bring Nigerians together on Saturday, June 25, to create awareness and further drive the conversations on substance abuse.

If you want to join the MTN ASAP 8 KM advocacy walk from Old Parade Ground to Millennium Park, Abuja or similar advocacy walks in the country, we have gathered 5 essential items to bring along for a safe and effective campaign.

  • Advocacy Signs

It is important to bring along signs that carry your unique message against drug abuse. A day before the campaign, you can take some time to decide what message you want to pass across and write on colourful cardboards, a placard, or even a piece of paper.

Ensure your writings are legible and can be read easily from a distance. You can also consider using relevant anti-drug abuse hashtags such as #ShunDrugAbuse, #SayNoToDrugAbuse, or #ItsEveryonesFight.

  • Water

When going on a march, it is essential to have a bottle of clean drinking water for adequate hydration. Aside from health reasons, water can also come in handy to wash off dust from the face and legs after several hours of walking around or you might offer it to someone in dire need of water.

  • Identification

Having a means of identification when outdoor is very essential for your safety wherever you go. You can go along with your workplace ID card, a voters card, or a piece of paper in your wallet that carries your name, phone number, next of kin’s contact number, address, blood group, and other relevant details. 

  • A Face Mask

COVID-19 has made wearing a face mask a no-brainer. Aside from preventing the transmission of coronavirus in public gatherings such as an advocacy walk, putting on a face mask will prevent you from inhaling dust and other harmful particles. You could also be required to wear one before entering certain places.

  • A backpack/Waist Pouch

Carry a backpack to put your other essential items like your, bottle of water, face mask, phone, power bank, pen, notepad, snacks, and all other items so that you can keep your hands as free as possible to carry your advocacy sign/placard.

You might already have these items at home but can visit a  local store close to you to get them as you prepare to join the MTN ASAP annual anti-drug abuse advocacy walk. The fight against drug abuse is everyone’s fight so you should be a part of it.

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