Five Reasons You Should Not Miss Brymo’s Blasphemy Concert This Weekend

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With eight studio albums to his name and more soulful songs that live rent-free in our heads, Brymo is one of the few critical acclaimed Nigerian pop musician that keep winning the hearts of many. If you are one of those in love with his recent album, ‘Theta θ,’ you should get set for his explosive live performance of selected tracks at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, in Lagos on Saturday, June 25, 2022, starting at 7 pm.


While it’s still a good time to start making plans for a splendid weekend, showing up at Brymo’s ‘Blasphemy’ Concert sponsored by MTN will give you the ultimate musical experience you’ve been aching for, and here are five reasons you don’t want to miss it!

A thrilling and energetic performance

Brymo is well known for his astonishing energy levels during his performances. His concerts leave the audience with goosebumps and tingling sensations that last long after the concert. Who doesn’t love that?

Nostalgic throwbacks

Brymo has serious hits in his locker, hits like Ara, 1 pound, Pr*ck no get shoulder, have rocked and continue to rock Nigerian airwaves. Surely you don’t want to miss out on this concert because let’s be real, what’s better than listening to your favourite song from your favourite artistes in real-time.

Making new friends

Let’s face it, Brymo is a niche artist and a once-in-a-lifetime musician. There are fewer things better than striking up a conversation with someone who’s a fan. It’s an instant click that could turn into a lifelong friendship.

Being lost in the moment

One thing we love about Brymo is how he carries the teeming crowd along with him during his live performances. It’s an indescribable moment that breeds a deeper connection between himself and his fans.

Post-concert high

The aftermath of a Brymo concert is sensational. You’ve had fun all evening, your pulse is still racing, goosebumps all over your skin and your adrenaline is pumping. You can’t stop smiling because you’re anticipating his next concert. It’s an indescribable feeling you would not forget too soon.

Simply put, Brymo is an experience you never want to miss out on.

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