Englewood clothing store owner needs help restoring old ice cream truck as activity vehicle for community

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CHICAGO (CBS) — What’s old is new in the eyes of Chicago clothing store owner Corie Luckett.

One thing that’s old is an ice cream truck he owns – but he has a vision to repurpose it and spruce it up. As CBS 2’s Steven Graves reported Friday, the truck is a vehicle to make Luckett’s neighborhood of Englewood safer.

Luckett’s clothing line, Englewood Branded, is a love letter of sorts to his home neighborhood.

“That shows the principles that I feel about Englewood; love, respect, honor, and dedication,” he said.

Luckett’s heart lies with youth anti-violence efforts. He conducts entrepreneurship courses and events at his store at 1546 W. 63rd St.

But now there’s a bigger push.

“We’re in the process of moving through greater Englewood and making sure that we touch every block; every little pocket,” Luckett said.

Luckett thought, what better conveyance for such a purpose than a reimagined, vibrant ice cream truck? He plans to drive it around with games and activities to bring to the streets during the more dangerous summer months.

And the vehicle was just purchased in May.

“It’s geared to let the children see the bigger picture,” Luckett said, “and that’s not only the give-back, but just the opportunity to be successful and to grow and follow your dreams.”

But the idea that was on full-throttle has since hit a roadblock. The truck is not new and needs a lot of work.

The costs skyrocketed after mechanics at a car lot where the truck is parked took a look inside.

“Probably get an additional 40K,” Luckett said. “It needs a little more attention than we expected.”

Luckett, a father himself, said the idea for the truck has been in the works for about three years. But after seeing the need in his community, he is seeking help now.

“In doing it right now. At this particular time, it’s when our community needs us the most,” Luckett said. “Our youth, there are a lack of opportunities for them; there’s a lack of things for them to get into or even be hopeful for.”

He hopes to provide a new vehicle of safety and security on the streets.

We talked to some mechanics who say repairs to the truck could take up to two months. If you can help, follow this link.

Source: ChicagoCBS