Nadhim Zahawi Accused Of Going On American 'Junket' Instead Of Helping Struggling Families

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Chancellor of the Exchequer Nadhim Zahawi has
Chancellor of the Exchequer Nadhim Zahawi has 

Nadhim Zahawi has been accused of going on a taxpayer-funded “junket” to America instead of helping households struggling with the soaring cost of living.

The chancellor has flown across the Atlantic for talks in New York and Washington for talks with the American government on what can be done to tackle the global economic crisis.

But Labour said the Chancellor was “jetting off to an international chinwag” rather than coming up with a plan to help people in the UK facing huge increases in their energy bills.

James Murry, the shadow financial secretary to the Treasury, said: “Families across the country are desperately worried about the massive rise in energy bills that is on the way but we’re stuck with this do-nothing Tory government.

“Now we discover the chancellor is jetting off to an international chinwag.

“Rather than going on another junket at the taxpayer’s expense, the chancellor should start listening to people here at home and implementing Labour’s fully-funded plan to freeze energy bills.”

Zahawi said: “We have a strong and resilient UK economy and are easing the burden facing families at home with an unprecedented £37bn support package, while working flat out to develop further options for a new prime minister.

“But these global pressures must be overcome through global efforts. I’m determined – here in the US – to work closely with my allies on the common challenges we face to create a fairer and more resilient economy at home and abroad.”

The new prime minister will be announced next Monday, and digital minister Matt Warman today said it was right to wait until then before the government announces a further package of support for struggling households.

He told Sky News: “I’s right I think when we have… a new prime minister due to be put in place on Monday, then it’s going to be for them to make the detailed plans that people need to see. I think that’s a fair and sensible process.”

He added: “That’s why [Boris Johnson] and Nadhim Zahawi have been working on what the options might be, but I do think it’s only fair and reasonable that someone who is going to take over in less than a week’s time has the right to say ‘this is how I think is best to take the country forward’ through what are going to be immensely challenging times.”

Source: Huff Post