Stop buying refurbished gas cylinders from unscrupulous people – Fire Service warns

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The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has warned the public against buying refurbished Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders from unscrupulous people. 

The Service wants Ghanaians to be safety conscious and wary when purchasing such cylinders. 

According to him, some nefarious people have abrasively repaired spoilt cylinders and taken them to the market for sale. 

“GNFS has observed with concern the nefarious activities of some unscrupulous people who go round (sometimes to dumping sites) to collect or cheaply buy damaged or old and worn-out LPG cylinders.”

“These cylinders are repaired (abrasively and adhesively treated, and the ripped metal pans welded together), sprayed and taken to the open market for sale and use by the unsuspecting public”, the Service warned in a statement.

The GNFS added this act is not only illegal, criminal and dangerous. 

It insisted that such cylinders also stand the risk of rupture which could lead to injuries, loss of life and fire explosion.

“The GNFS, therefore, advises the general public to always look out for the manufacturer details – serial number of the cylinder, weight class, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) number, test pressure and particularly the date of manufacture on the cylinder body when buying LPG cylinders from the market.”

“Purchase of LPG cylinders is to be made from only registered or authorized dealers to ensure the safety of Iives at homes and workplaces”, the caution statement from the fire service added.

Source: myJoy