A Ladies Finale, Groovy’s Baffling Confession To Phyna, And More On BBNaija This Week

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It’s a week to the end of BBNaija Level Up season, and the intensity of the competition has amped up with most of the housemates fighting for two spots at the finals. Add that to the twist of Chichi winning the Head of House and using her Supreme Veto Power to take Phyna and Daniella to the finals. What you get is unrivalled drama and renewed scuffles and strategic game plans. 

BBNaija Finalists: Chichi, Phyna and Daniella

Here are some of the highlights from this week

It’s A Ladies’ Finale

Chichi won the last Head of the House game for the season. This earned her the rights to the HoH room and a chance to pick two other housemates to make it to the finals. Big Brother had asked the housemates to present a pitch to Chichi on why she should choose them.

In the end, three of the finalists are women, with a possibility of a female joining the three women in the finals. 

Phyna Shocked By Groovy’s Confession

Everyone, including Phyna, knows that Groovy is not emotionally available. In an attempt to understand their situationship, Phyna has a conversation with Groovy where she tells him to say how he feels about her. 

‘I really like you. I want to be able to show you affection without necessarily having to declare anything,’ he said. An obvious sign from the heavens that she should run away from that relationship but her need for companionship appears to trump this red flag.

Hermes’ Game Plan

We all know Hermes is a strategist. Every decision he makes in the house is a part of his plan to snag the 100,000 million prize. During his diary session after Chichi was crowned the HoH, he mentioned to Big Brother that if he had gotten the Supreme Veto Power, he would have saved Daniella and Chichi because it increases his chances of winning. 

“There is no way I would have gone to Bryann or Phyna ’cause this is the ninth week, and I’m trying to get 100 million. I’m not about to save people who have been up a couple of times and survived.” Do you think this is a smart choice?

Bella and Sheggz Fight Again

The Ikoyi’s never have a week of peace. The fights spice up their relationship. However, the cause of this fight was serious for Bella as she had worn a short kimono nightie and was naked underneath. Only for Sheggz to carry her while the other housemates were there and could probably see that she didn’t have anything on underneath her nightie. Despite Bella asking Sheggz to put her down, he didn’t listen.

As a result, she cautioned Sheggz, and in his usual style, he called her rude for talking and threatened to end their relationship. 

Rachel Tackles Adekunle

Biggie’s rider has officially lost focus! After the live shows last Sunday, Rachel had a conversation with Adekunle about him not having her back, and all pointers just led us all to know she was mad that Adekunle expressed interest in Daniella instead of her.

In her Diary session later in the week, she said to Biggie that she would be sceptical about picking Adekunle if she had the supreme veto power because she doesn’t understand him anymore. “He told me he was getting to know me, and on Sunday, only for me to hear that he is also trying to get to know Daniella, to whom he has been behaving like a father figure.”

Is that what they brought you into the house for?

Don’t miss out on all the juicy details, watch the full show on the Big Brother Naija channels on GOtv and DStv. You can also stream BBNaija on Showmax.

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