Five Reasons Why You Should Stan Fantasy Dramas

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In August, Showmax started streaming HBO’s fantasy drama, House of the Dragon, three years after the end of the hit series Game of Thrones. 

Fantasy Drama - House of the Dragon


House of the Dragon, which premiered in the US on August 21, 2022, broke HBO’s US viewing records with over 10 million franchise fans watching the fantasy drama. Fantasy dramas are typically not a popular genre in the film industry, but House of the Dragon is different.

Here are five reasons you should join the train of fantasy Drama enthusiasts.

  • They Accommodate Progressive Thoughts

The fantasy world is the perfect place to reside for people looking for escapism. Unlike the present day, where certain thoughts are not welcomed or even considered, fantasy dramas allow their viewers to experience a world where these forbidden thoughts are normalised.

  • The Love Stories and Lines

Intense is the word that best describes love stories in fantasy dramas. It’s always a joy to listen to their punch love lines and watch the extremity of the storyline just to prove how much the characters love each other. In an episode of House of the Dragon, you see different stages of how responsibility and pride trump love, a sad but fantastic story.

  • Understand Stereotypes

House of the Dragon has four episodes, but they’ve managed to pass a message on how females are perceived in the 129 – 131 AC, especially when it comes to holding a place of power. Fantasy dramas do not just allow you to escape reality through your screens; they also help you understand people’s sadistic points of view.

  • Perfect Mix of Love and War

The thrill, romance, and iconic war scenes you get in one drama without the possible decline of a storyline are unrivalled. In epic dramas like House of the Dragon, they don’t only explore how love can go sour in the case of Viserys and Aemma, but they also explore the strife for power with a character like Prince Daemon. 

  • Dialogue

Because fantasy dramas need to capture the era’s essence, including the language, special attention is always paid to how the lines are created. For movie lovers, there is nothing as satisfying as good dialogue in a movie.

House of the Dragon is currently streaming on Showmax. New episodes arrive on the platform every Monday, the same time it drops in the US. The eight complete seasons of Game of Thrones are also available to binge-watch. Showmax is the home of HBO in Africa.

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