Phyna Clears The Air About Her Relationship With Groovy, Level 3 Twist and More on BBNaija This Week

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We’re approaching the end of Big Brother Naija Level Up, and as Chizzy would always say, ’emotions are high.’

Groovy and Phyna

From certain housemates making calculated moves to rile up other housemates to Ebuka’s chaos-causing question during the live eviction show, a lot has happened in the Level Up house. 

Here are some highlights from the Level Up season this week

  1. Rachel Tears Up Over Movie Ticket

The housemates had won their wager last week, which allowed them to shop for their needs, including movie tickets for some housemates. 

The tickets purchased by some housemates while Hermes was HoH were meant for Bella, Sheggz, Rachel, Chichi, Groovy, Phyna, and more. However, it all ended in tears when Biggie decided only to grant some housemates their movie date and postpone for others.

Rachel was one of those housemates. And she didn’t take it well. She bitterly cried because she felt Hermes had blocked her chance of going to watch the movie. After all, he had mentioned that he would not be rolling with her after the house.

Hermes, however, doesn’t care. He said, “I would not have anything to do with her wellness.”

  1. Phyna and Bella Fight Over Food

Bella and Phyna have had quite the run in for weeks now, and it’s only natural that it escalated. 

After asking Bella not to speak about food when they were supposed to be talking about their wager, everything degenerated into chaos. Phyna gave Bella a piece of her mind, though, after Bella had said she was from the streets.

  1. Groovy and Phyna’s Relationship

Following Beauty’s disqualification, there has always been the lingering narrative that Phyna ‘hustled’ for Groovy and betrayed her friends, Amaka and Beauty.

During the movie date with Chomzy, Eloswag, and Sheggz, Phyna explained that Groovy was the one that moved to her and reiterated that she did not owe anyone loyalty. At the same time, Groovy mentioned that Beauty disrespected him and that she should know not to expect loyalty from him.

  1. Pool Party Wildness

Before the Saturday night parties, the pool party on Thursday is one day the housemates get to rave it up and have the time of their lives with food, music, and unlimited access to the pool.

This week, the wildness at the pool party with the Level Up housemates was unrivalled. Bryann and his Bad B’s in a PJ (Chomzy and Rachel), Adekunle letting loose, Doyin and Chizzy having the time of their lives, the housemates were wild, and we loved it!

  1. The Level 3 Twist

Imagine the shock the viewers and housemates went into when Ebuka announced that there was a Level 3 house for the three evicted housemates, Chomzy, Eloswag, and Doyin.

The housemates who were moved to the main house from Level 3 are to stay there until September 18. However, they are still allowed to play the game but are officially evicted. As much as people did not welcome the twist, what can anyone do? Biggie’s house, Biggie’s rules.

Don’t miss out on all the juicy details, watch the full show on the Big Brother Naija channels on GOtv and DStv. You can also stream BBNaija on Showmax.


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