BBNaija Level Up Finalists And What Each Of Them Has Brought To The Game

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The Big Brother Naija Level Up housemates have spent ten weeks in the BBNaija house, competing for the grand prize of N100 million. Each of these housemates, in their capacity, has gone into the house to showcase their talents, sell themselves, personalities and tell their truth to the world with hopes that all they have to offer would resonate with the viewers.

BBNaija S7
Big Brother Naija Top 6 Housemates

While some of the final six housemates have made it to the finale out of sheer luck, their competitiveness throughout the show and ability to manoeuvre evictions in the house is commendable. Although some, like Phyna, can’t relate because they’ve been put up for eviction multiple times than they can count.

Here are the BBNaija Level Up finalists and what each has brought to the game.

  • Bryann

When Bryann entered the house, his choice of outfit stood out for its Gen-Z energy, but that’s not what captured the hearts of most of his fans. His self-confidence and positive mindset caught the hearts of viewers. It was refreshing to see a housemate who was not ready to sell a pity story but themselves, their art, and compete fair and square.

In his time in the house, he has shown himself valuable to the collective with his talent as a musician. From jingles to the level’s anthem, he was instrumental in creating some of the most addictive songs we’ve heard in BBNaija while still being self-aware: a bold character, a fashionista and an optimist. 

  • Phyna

Phyna is the ultimate hype priestess who brings energy to the house. Regardless of how she feels, she brings the energy to tasks and her daily activities in the house.

One unique thing about her is her willingness to learn, which caught the attention of most of her fans. Aside from her personality, she doesn’t shy away from confrontation and that has made her a topic of interest. She has simply brought the drama and vibes this season.

  • Daniella

Daniella is not your average Gen Z. Her sweet and intelligent nature earned her the hearts of the housemates and her fans. When everyone in the house is tense, Daniella is the one person that tries to be welcoming to the other housemates while trying to understand their situations. 

No wonder Chichi had chosen to take her to the finals with her Supreme Veto Power. The house needs some ease and not more tension.

  • Bella

When you think of Bella, you think fierce. She is very opinionated and not afraid to air opinions, whatever they might be. In the house, she has not only shown us fierce Bella but lover girl Bella.

From her relationship to how she has risen to be one of the top housemates on the show, she has done well in showcasing who she is and what she has to offer the world at large.

  • Chichi

Chichi was the winner of the penultimate Head of House, a win that earned her the Supreme Veto Power that allowed her to choose two other housemates to make it to the finals. She won out of sheer will and patience.

In her ten weeks in the house, she has brought the drama and the exotic dancer vibes to the dance floor, but aside from all this, she is charming to those she loves, a trait she was consistent with throughout the show.

  • Adekunle

Adekunle is the person no one saw coming, the underdog that studies everyone and intelligently deals with everyone. A real gamer and we do not mind that at all. After all, this is all a game.

But beyond the man that wants to win the 100 million grand prize is a gentleman and someone who is incredibly intelligent and competitive. Adekunle, to the best of his abilities, has pushed himself to win in all the tasks and games.

The grand finale of the BBNaija Level Up season would air on all Big Brother Naija stations on DStv and Gotv. The show would also be streamed on Showmax.

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