This simple yet highly informative animation will give every Brit the queue rage

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Over on r/CasualUK, animator u/going10-1 shared a clever representation of what happened to them in a queue – and it’s infuriating.

‘Just had this queueing experience in Homebase. Couldn’t believe my fellow brits. I’m the orange one.’

We’ve all been there – and it never gets any less annoying.

Redditors chimed in.

I can feel the frustration!

That’s the point at which I abandon my basket or trolley and go to B&Q.

Brilliant, how can so much emotion/confusion be conveyed by a little orange icon.

This is why I like it when everyone queues together and you get called over when a till’s free.

This is the kind of pain artists go through in order to create great art that the rest of us feel in our souls. Well done.

Same happened to me when they wheeled out the second queen coffin.

What do Brits do when they’re not queueing? Well, make animations about queueing of course.

Your little nose looking round at the WTF moment 🤣

That’s brilliant, I’m in stitches watching that.

Self checkout for life. So many more tills than they could ever field with real people, single queue system, no need to interact with checkout staff.

The animation gave u/Augie_Otter a funny idea about the British.

I thought for a moment that maybe queues were so important to the British that there was just some British queuing reenactment app for recreating and illustrating particularly bad queue faux pas.

That should absolutely be a thing.

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