‘What’s the one thing you’d never buy second hand?’ 19 cast iron no-nos

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There’s nothing we enjoy more (well, we exaggerate slightly) than a good rummage around a charity shop.

But despite our best intentions – and enthusiasm for saving money – there are some things best bought new.

And if you think this sounds we’re inching our way towards a question someone has asked on Reddit, you’d be right. Specifically, in this case, Redditor HungLikeaHorse33. Nice.

‘What’s the one thing you would never buy second hand?’

And we’ve read all the answers – well, a fair few of them – so you don’t have to, and these look like pretty cast iron nos to us.


‘A Helmet. They can only take one good hit.’


‘Anything that has to do with safety.’




‘Any ominous glowing pendant or jewellery, I’m not trying to get cursed today.’




‘A couch. I used to work at a pest control company, and the #1 thing that brought them in was used furniture, but usually a couch.

‘Those fucks are terrifying- they hide in tiny cracks and crevasses during the day and then come out to feed on you at night. You don’t notice until it’s too late. You’ll start waking up with itchy bites, see little red sprinkles in the seams of your mattress, and eventually see them.

‘One single pregnant female on a throw pillow is all it takes. The male stabs the female in the abdomen (literally) one time and she’s pregnant for life and off to make your life miserable. Then you have to pay $2500+ for a company to treat them. And if they miss one pregnant female…



‘I’ve disassembled quite a few for cleaning, and they are disgusting. If I have the chance, I’d rather use my own or buy a new one. Detest the thought of using someone else’s.’





‘My mom worked for the childrens division and told me a story about two boys 16ish years old who went on a double date, they ended up both having sex with their respective girlfriends in the car, only one of them brought condoms.

Wanting to be safe the one friend in the back asked to use the condom after his friend was done with it and turned it inside out. As you can imagine backseats girlfriend got pregnant with front seat friend. My mom always told us this story as a teachable moment like I planned on using a buddy’s used condom lol.’



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